The Sharp Shooters - About Us 

I am Bob Ciavatta a video producer, camera operator and editor.
If you choose SharpShooters I will be your main camera operator and I will edit your video.
I will also keep in touch with you, usually by e-mail, to give updates on your video.
(Please see my resume below).

David Roberts is your second camera operator and video coordinator.
He communicates with all the principal players at your wedding or on site for commercial work. Dave makes sure everything runs smoothly and on time. He also gets all the reaction shots needed in a two camera edit.

Together we provide a service that is very unique and personal.
No wedding mill, Sharpshooters limits the quantity of jobs we undertake so that each client gets
our exclusive personal attention. At the same time we keep our prices affordable.  Editing is very important and so we use the most advanced software and hardware. Your masters and copies are flawless in detail and quality. The equipment we use is top of the line and we always bring back-up equipment to every job. We are fully insured.

Larry Dias works with us on special corporate videos. Larry is a retired surveyor and communications professional. When we are hired for construction or roadwork related videos, Larry serves as both an advisor and still photographer.  
Chris Fabiano was my assistant when we were located in New Jersey.
Now Chris covers sales for eastern New Jersey and New York City
and produces video programming and digital photography for both SharpShooters and his new company
Allure Studios. Chris has shot over 1,000 weddings as well as hundreds of Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and Sweet 16's. He began apprenticing at age 16 for SharpShooters. By age 18 he began shooting second camera at weddings in addition to persuing still photography as a hobby.
In Chris' own words: As time progressed, I learned the proper procedures that needed to take place in order to deliver a high-quality image to our clients. My passion soon turned into an obsession of getting the best shots and doing so un-noticed. Video became my life all throughout high school. through service in The US Navy and now as an independant video producer and photographer.
More about Bob Ciavatta:
I began working in television in 1978 after graduating from college with a BA in Media Arts.
At that time I worked producing programming for local cable tv stations. I also started producing wedding and special event videos. I studied on the first computer editing system CMX under Jon Alpert the legendary documentary producer. Later I worked for CNN, ESPN and on specials aired on WCBS TV as well as producing programming for many CATV outlets. I have worked producing a tv special for Manhattan Cable TV with Bill Cosby and Max Roach and also on a cable special with singer and songwriter Harry Chapin. I produced (six-camera) comedy programs with many comedians including Jay Mohr and Sara Silverman.
I received a Technical School Teacher License from NYU. I taught media production at The Center For The Media Arts in NYC and at New Jersey State University. However my focus has always been on independant production work which includes: special event videography, corporate video, documentaries and training videos.
I produce 3D animation and 2D design work in house. In addition I have personally done the narration and voice-overs for many of the videos we have produced.
Today I am retired from city life and I run SharpShooters from my home based studio in Middle Smithfield, Pa. I love shooting and editing video and I give my full attention to detail.
We hope you will give us the opportunity to serve you and to be a part of your special event or commercial project.





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